Freelancing in the Gig Economy

'Freelancers' and 'gig economy' - words that's become rather topical over the past few years within the job market sphere.

Jobs in the creative, art and design industries were usually, naturally associated with these terms. So, if you weren't something cool like a creative writer or a photographer, then freelancing was a forbidden word.

Freelancers in the past were never seen as having a 'real job'. What is a 'real job' anyway? There was also a common perception that Freelancers were unreliable, had a lack of experience and skills - and did not have the same culture of productivity as those in traditional jobs.

One of the myths regarding freelance workers is that they weren't good enough to be hired into a 'proper', 9-5 job. The truth is, freelancers chose this lifestyle for themselves and most of them are statistically proven to be excellent workers.

Now, if you compare the above views to how freelancers are perceived today, those perceptions seems like the primitive dark ages. Freelancers today, is the respected symbol of the modern job market. This is mostly because, the largest workforce, which are millennials, are looking for a greater work/life balance and together, with the evolvement in technologies, working remotely became a lot easier.

This infographic presented by JOBVINE Global, shows us how a trend towards a gig economy and freelancing has begun.

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